Magnum Hopeless

by Soma

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released June 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Soma Perth, Australia


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Track Name: Magnum Hopeless
Drawn to what could have been instead of could be
happy go lucky slash ugly, judge me
flowing rain channeled down from clouds above me
waiting for the hand of time to touch me

I aint the same since I reached puberty
Im 29 every day I wake the world's new to me
beautiful or brutally, suitably or fruitfully
the sun blinds my eyes and I just killed the man I used to be

Again.. I ain't doing this for them..
nah I'm doing this for them and me, yeah I'm selfish
Raised inside of paradise and turned it to a hell pit
butterflies to parasites and tree's to ash can't help it

walked through fire til that paradigm had melted,
music was my summertime through sour times I felt it
and Im feeling it still, the ability to bleeds my appeal
and if that's not for you then you ain't needing to heal

So go back to what you're feeling is real
ain't braggadocious got nothing to boast about
rather burn my demons than MCs when I'm open mouthed
Writing cos I need to do it, found a niche,

my mind a leash releasing when I free the fluid,
build a ship to flee the ruins
capsized when I was baptized
in seas that I was cruising

quit jobs if interfered with writing process
but then I chose powders, whiskey showers for fighting progress
saloon martyr lost his June Carter,
threw away those life given goods that few barter

When it rains in slow lanes we move faster
the ones who swaps the worlds greenest grass for new pastures
this boundary crippled world is too small for what we after
so all those things your feeling are real, through tears and laughter

Sentimental to a fault
field of vision mostly sepia, tears leaking out the vault,
heart bleeding by default,
but filled with too much hope to recieve the fate Im sold
Track Name: Portrait Of The Artist
Verse 1:

Butterflies and roaches, heavy eyes close
when the lullaby approaches, comatose on a bed of roses
needs to make a move before the gate to heaven closes
at half 9, gives him plenty notice

vagabondage, been around the chopping block
that roof of your family home his coffin top
picket fence sitting, lens clicking, popping off
and his work here ain't done so he's clocking off

Tattooed with the images he sees
pays the toll while they're living just to breathe
drifting with the breeze, getting stricken to his knees
by the vivid apparitions in the pictures that he bleeds

On the right path even though he meant to turn left
back to class, proud parent's start to turn stressed
out of school, get a grip so you can earn checks
Ain't a problem child, shit, just ain't ready to learn yet

Verse 2:

and its a desolate path on his road less travelled through
a landscape that can't be seen with a narrowed view
tame him he will run, let him be he'll wanna marry you
he falls in love too easy and falls out without a parachute

The kid has imagination, guess he must have taken
psychedelic drugs their only explanation,
in a room where the paint forever dries, defacing
the crude etchings on the wall, heaven lies adjacent

Riding high the tide of a Jekyl Hyde persuasion
won't forget his roots picking petals of creation
going back back to nature from the metal that hes tasting
while others sit in rooms licking wounds of hesitation

But that sound of inner peace is too deafening
the shrill echoing, light, the night beckons him
passion unbridled , hes excited or hes frightened
trying to figure out if suicidal or enlightened
Track Name: Cobain Kids
Verse 1:

Those freaks from the travelling carnival
unravelling the layers of these cardinal
sins that cling to within like barnacles
Try evade lifes piranha tooth arsenals, sonnet for the smarter fools

Who thought losing our mind could have its benefits
walking out of heaven for another stab at decadence
with our heads high don't try hide the evidence
being out of touch in a time that lacks relevance

The names Somes soul levitates over the globe
too much to say so I demonstrate over these odes,
of the cobblestones, unbottled poems,
spilling down the pavement, flowing through forgotten homes

rain dance troupe made up of rotting souls
null o time, colour blind hunt for that pot of gold
just trying to make that album I can die with
That fortified live shit, trying to reach the blind kids


The Cobain kids, every day, same shit
hazed creatives who make shit to shake this
monotony hangs heavy in the air,
from working in a system who for them will never care

The Cobain kids, every day, same shit
insane creatives, who make shit to break this
image that they're lazy and afraid,
while they're up all night creating til their nights fade into days

Verse 2:

Live from the fringes outlaws of attraction, minds off the hinges
Shout outs to the gluttonous ghosts, the hand they dealt still stuck in the spokes,
Make a toast raise a glass with a cut to our throat
Lying in the bed we made when we under the oath

effect kaleidoscope, from walking on a tighter rope
trying to cope, and accidentally spread hope to silent folk
vivid pallet, dunk the brush fuck a lighter stroke
painting from the guts for our rush til its time to choke

Cider soaked park kids, dig for brighter hopes
given the wrong map, sticking us on track, we mighta broke
finally found our own path towards our own treasure
but Lived for pleasure, had it sooner if we'd known better

to the beat of our own break, we sealing our own fate
the bass got us feeling our bones shake
laureates of Ghost Town, kids don't condone hate
just try to spread the love like we had those old tapes
Track Name: Suburbia
Verse 1:

alley cat, tin can roof, funeral suits, abandoned truths
old souls dismantled youth, branching out from trampled roots
trying to go against the ingrained, trying to build a body out of inkstains
screenshots of the mundane, contained in that box marked insane

On cathedral steps, like a feeble pet, as the needle wept,
they say she bleeds for effect, cheating death,got the keys to eden but ain't started weeding yet,
seasoned vet, needs to smell the air while he's got a bit of breathing left
he's in debt, to no meaning, fleeting, time for the feeding next,

one choice, do drugs or do shit,
one voice, use it and lose grip
bad brains, fast lanes n cruise ships
ash stains, trashed names n blue prints

A corpse in a new mink
cos it really matters what you think
watch the dust scatter in a few blinks
or you can learn to swim once you choose sink

Verse 2: